Welcome to the UNC Salary Information Database.

Additional Information

What information is provided in the database? This database contains the names, position titles and salaries of permanent employees of the University, as furnished by UNC System Office and the constituent institutions of The University of North Carolina.

What information is not provided in the database? We currently do not have data available for UNC Health Care or UNC Press.

How frequently is the data updated? The data provided in this database is updated quarterly and represents a snapshot of employees, salaries, and titles as of the date listed. Because it is a snapshot, the database may not accurately reflect an employee's permanent salary or all sources of funding provided throughout the year. As examples, the database may not capture all external fund sources that may compensate some employees, or the information may capture temporary salary increases or temporary title changes for additional duties for an employee that could change in the course of the year.

What if I have questions about an employee's salary or other personnel information? If you believe that information about a particular employee is inaccurate or if you have other questions about the information provided in the database, you may contact the HR department at the constituent institution to verify the employee's salary.

Why do we publish this data? Employee salaries are public and we believe that publishing salaries benefits both the public by providing easily accessible salary information and the employing institutions by minimizing public personnel information requests.